Likes and care Rachael

I was bored and not happy here 

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  • Hi Rachael

    We can all see you have difficulties in expressing yourself.  Life appears to have been a little harsh on you.

    I wonder if instead of keep asking who likes you or that you want friends, you could put a few more details of your likes and dislikes, and what you are looking for in a 'friend'.Write a bit about things you are interested in.   It can be very difficult to respond to someone's request for a friend when we don't know anything about them or whether we have anything in common.  But don't put anything that may help others identify you or your address.  There are people out there who will prey on vulnerable people like you, who may use this forum for reasons to which it wasn't intended.

    I am sure you will find some friends once they know a little more about you.