~ Photography And Pictures ... (And Pictures Disappearing in this Forum?)

Glad Tidings to All. I have two good reasons to begin this Thread:

One is to discuss Photography in general. I myself am told that I am "good at it", yet I would not claim to be "Professional" at it.

I start this Thread a lot for the sake of Posting Pictures and discussing such things, if that is alright...?

My Second reason for beginning this Thread is... Pictures tend to "disappear" after a while upon this Forum...! And so this is attempt at a Thread specifically addressing Pictures Posted Here.

I shall start with at least one... of 'Interesting Cloud Formations Over Where I am' (In London): 

  • My final photos for tonight.

    My reasons for posting 6 versions of the same image is that as autistics we experience the world around us in different ways. So I have processed the same image differently to give a variety of atmospheres.

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