Do You Write With a Fountain Pen?

I suspect that I am in a very small minority of people who write almost exclusively with a fountain pen. Certain paper and card means I sometimes have to use a ballpoint pen but, given the choice, I will always choose a fountain pen.

I use either a Conway Stewart fountain pen (my good pen) or a Lamy fountain pen (my everyday pen). Unfortunately, Conway Stewart went out of business some time ago, however, Bespoke British Pens bought what stock existed and still make, in effect, Conway Stewart pens. I bought my Lamy fountain pen from a shop near where I worked in London many, many years ago. I bought my Conway Stewart more recently from Andy's Pens ( who stock a range suitable for nearly every budget.

With a fountain pen I can I watch the ink glisten on the paper before drying. I consider writing with a fountain pen is writing with a soul; I find writing with a ballpoint soulless.

As I have mentioned on this forum before, I was once told, "There are two things in life you do not lend: your fountain pen and your wife. In that order."

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  • Fabulous question caretwo and I’m loving the results of the poll. I too find writing with anything other than a fountain pen, soulless, and as a prolific writer, I have a deep love for all things related to writing and stationary. My sister shares this love as well and as far as we know, she’s not autistic, but then again, I can see my love of stationary does go deeper than hers and she doesn’t always write with a fountain pen but she is fabulous at calligraphy writing with fountain pens. Maybe she’s just a bit aitistic ;) 

    Super great question though and it has made me see that I’m maybe not getting anywhere with my writing of late, since I came back to the U.K., because I haven’t been writing with my fountain pen!!!

    Thank you caretwo  This has been interesting, fun and helpful and thank you for the link to Andy’s pens ~ I think it’s time I got me a new pen

    I’d happily loan the husband out though  if I had one, I’m all in to sharing, so long as it’s not the pen! Lol!