Miracle Mineral Solution, a so-called cure for autism

I don't know how many of the online community already know about this, but I was appalled when I heard of it.

There is a substance called "Miracle Mineral Solution", which is an industrial bleach, which is being recommended to gullible (and presumably desperate) parents as a cure for autism, and a variety of illnesses. The idea is that autism is supposed to actually be caused by a parasite, and that the solution will kill the parasites and expel them from the body.

A book available on Amazon right now actually tells readers how to make the solution at home, in case they have difficulty purchasing it because of the FDA's attempts to stop distribution.

A popular way of administering this to a child is by enema, with the child being held down if necessary. Pictures taken later of "parasites" expelled later are actually parts of the child's intestinal lining.

It was initially promoted by a man with no medical or scientific qualifications whatsoever. People have died after taking it.

Any ideas on how to counteract this level of ignorance?