National Key Scheme for toilets.

I have had a 'Radar' National Key Scheme key for some time.

I find public toilets impossible, they are smelly and unhygeinic with wet (urine) soaked floors, rudimentary handwashing facilities, and only slightly better than wetting myself. I will only use one when absolutely desperate.   I therefore thought that as I was Autistic I would get a key so I could use the 'disabled' toilet.

Problem is, I cannot bring myself to use it.  I do not have a wheelchair or have physical problems using a 'normal' toilet.  The problems I have are a mental aversion.  On the odd occasion I have used the 'disabled' toilet (what a strange name, it is not the toilet that is disabled, it works perfectly!) it is because the normal one is out of use.  And it has always been a lot cleaner and more pleasant.

So should I just grit my teeth and bear the normal toilets?  Or should I ignore the (perceived) thoughts of those who think I should not use the disabled toilet.  Or is it the case I should not use the disabled toilet at all as they are only intended for those who are physically disabled?

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  • I think that 'wheelchair' symbol for the disabled has something to do with it, it implies to me a 'physical' disability as the qualification. 

    ...Apologies, Me again, probably writing something a bit "not nice"...

    Here in London at least, the "Wheelchair" symbol seems to mean very little in favour of actual Wheelchair-bound persons: The area is kept cleaner, and, if you have a perambulator/pushchair, then it is virtually a "Green Light" for doing whatever is wanted...


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