This sums up my kind of love Former Member 

My love is not kind and gentle like your love. It’s not fair and gives nothing, other than itself. It fierce and unrelenting and it leads me, I don’t lead it. 

I don’t know about transcendent love, other than what I learned from you today, but this sums up my love.

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  • I don’t believe in evil or different gods but I do understand that people have gods such as money, which I think of as a false god but I understand that’s my perception and it’s very real and far from false to them, and I’m quite sure many people wouldn’t be doing the jobs they were doing etc if money wasn’t their god, so yeah, I can see it’s very real to a lot of people.

    In that you state that you don't believe in evil, do you not know that evil is malevolence or ill will towards or by others in terms of being unkind or cruel?

    And in terms of not believing in different gods, God is absolute vibrational being, and gods are lesser vibrational beings ~ which are embodied by the Goddess, as is infinite dimensional and finite formational becomings.

    Just one question, the people who practice conditional love, how the hell do you all figure out who to love and who not to love because you all seem to know the rules?

    People who practice conditional love figure out who they love according to who they get on with the most, and find most fascinating or intriguing.

    And when did you/do you actually get taught the rules?

    People learn them more or less according to their ability to do so, and by observing others and seeking advice.

    How could I have missed them? 

    Your emotional abilities may not have been developed enough, or maybe even not as yet adequately facilitated for or romantically enabled, possibly?