This sums up my kind of love  

My love is not kind and gentle like your love. It’s not fair and gives nothing, other than itself. It fierce and unrelenting and it leads me, I don’t lead it. 

I don’t know about transcendent love, other than what I learned from you today, but this sums up my love.

Parents Reply
  • I frequently, probably at least once a week, say good morning or whatever to all the people in my life who have died, such as grandparents, family, and friends, I talk to them pretty regularly and often ask for the advice etc as well. I have no idea if they hear me or not, if doesn’t really matter, because they’re in my heart and I just like to talk to them and stuff and keep them in my life. 

    I do this all the time - particularly with mum.  I keep a ritual every Wednesday evening, between 7 pm and 7.22 pm - the last 22 minutes I spent alone with her before she passed.  I light candles... and I sit and think about her, and talk to her.  It's very comforting.  I can't think I'll ever not do it.