Autism and sports

I just watched this video ‘Gymnast with autism competes on national stage’:

Look at that little champ go! I love seeing autistic children find their passion, especially when it helps their social skills so much.

It got me thinking though...I know first hand that gymnastics is excellent for those hyperactive children amongst us - I’ve done it myself, I’ve coached such children in gymnastics/cheerleading, and even Olympic champion Simone Biles has ADHD - but I think that many sports can be really beneficial for autistic individuals as they help with coordination difficulties, forming social bonds, and forming a safe space where you don’t feel disabled. What does everyone else think? Have you done sports and did you have a positive or negative experience with them?

  •  I hated most sports at school, because I was hopeless at them. Anything which involved catching a ball was particularly bad, as I would invariably miss it, or sometimes get hit in the face. Thank goodness dodgeball wasn't on the curriculum, because it would have been my personal nightmare.

    However, I did quite enjoy running, and I've taken up jogging in an effort to lose weight. The saying "use it or lose it" really hit home when I reached my 50's, and began "losing it" at a worrying rate. I go out when it's quiet, on my own, and enjoy the solitude as well as the exercise. I find it's a good opportunity to think, as well.

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