Cemetery Road: a blog

Hi folks,

If anyone's interested, I've started a new blog.  It's part-truth, part-fiction - and I'm not going to say how much of each!  Some of it may be obvious.

It's a bit of fun, really - something to keep me going between other projects.  It helps me to get through the evenings and weekends, anyway - and keeps my fingers typing.

It's pretty much self-explanatory: the life of a middle-aged no-hoper.  Humorously cynical is the tone I'm going for.  Hope I manage it.  Not overtly about autism, but the indications are there.

Two short posts so far.  'My Heart is in Havana' and 'Shove Thy Neighbour'.


- strong, graphic language

- sexual references

- substance misuse

Cemetery Road: notes from a half-life

It's written under a pseudonym, too, so no identity divulgence...

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