I accept that this may be a "Bad" Topic, yet it needs to be highlighted, surely where "NAS" can *not* avoid seeing it, surely...

Current Problems with this Forum:
- Posts Disappear and Reappear at Random.
- Notifications are not always received (apparently).
- Editing Posts - *after* they have been replied to.
- Things such as "Groups" or "BlogPosts" or "Questions"... seem to have no meaning, and so they cannot be applied...?
(Anyone reading, you may currently check your own "Profile" to confirm this. Click upon your own "Achievements", and then upon "List of Possible Achievements".)
- ... There is a great list of "Achievements". Again, many of these have no defined meaning and so are un-achievable. (Linked to "Questions", "BlogPosts", "Ideas", "Status"...?)
- Assigning "Tags" to a New Thread seems to change constantly, and has neither Logical Order nor Meaning.

Here is the "Main" Thread, at which Comments directly to NAS are supposed to be Posted... yet much of it is completely ignored by NAS; It is only responded to by "WebPM", but for whom NAS would not have this "Forum" in the first place, I would wager...

  • An update regarding missing images. For the problem of images being posted and then disappearing afterwards, we believe that we have identified a software bug. This is fixed by a patch available from the suppliers. We are planning to apply the patch. That is designed to prevent any more images from vanishing. I do not yet have a time-scale for this, but obviously we will do it as soon as possible.

    We are trying to recover the images that are already missing. This may or may not be possible. I'll post updates when we have them. Apologies for any inconvenience or confusion that this has caused.

    I'll look separately at the notifications issue, not least because there is a thread for that.


    (Later edit: sorry, but we have been unable to recover the missing images. Our backups are designed to protect the messaging database in the first instance. This problem is rather untypical for a forum, and the affected images are also missing from our backups.)

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