New Book

Since finishing my book about my time with mum during her final months, I've been a bit lost.  I've needed something else to write, but I haven't had a subject.

This afternoon, I went for a walk along the seafront... and it came to me.  I'm going to write a short book about being an Aspie.  Nothing original, maybe... but I think I can put some new stuff in there.  I want to make it light-hearted, too.  Maybe use it as a way of focusing on the areas where NTs really need to be paying more attention.

It'll just be about life as it is, and as it happens.  And hopefully the laughs will trigger a bit of thinking, too.

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  • Coincidentally my local autism hub are holding some talks / making some videos on autism for workers from local businesses. I think the idea is that the workers are then champions for autism within their business.

    I have decided that I am not going to let them film me. People with autism are vulnerable and I don't think they should film them without the agreement of an appropriate adult if there is one - in my case I guess it would have to be my friend.

    If I am still in a manic (bipolar) phase I will probably talk to them - the problem might be getting me to shut up. I haven't had time yet to think what I am going to say but your post is a start.

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