dream power

i have a question for you all if you could have any super powers or gadgets what would it be and what would you do with it? mine would be sans powers (if you know who he is then good for you) and also the ability to take up any hobbies and learn everything about it with ease and i would have some fun but also help people with that power because "with great power comes great responsibility".

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  • My super power would be, for every body that I set eyes upon, they will see themselves as I see them. And they in turn, would have the power to see all others in this same light and cause those people to have the power as well. To see ourselves in our own inate state, without all the labels, and judgements, and all the other words and thoughts that make a person more like a statue or an image, rather than a moving, evolving, indivual soul. And one by one we would all wake up to our own innate power, which dwarfs any super powers. So that knocks all super powers out of the ball park. But they’re handy to have along the way. 

    If you want to experience ease in all you do, in all moments, not just some. Ask yourself repeatedly, in every waking hour, is there ease in what I’m doing now. Ask yourself, stop, and ask yourself. If there is. Good. Carry on. If there isn’t, stop, don’t do another thing until there is. Maybe you need to remove yourself from the situation. Maybe you need to touch something. I don’t know. Do whatever you need to do to be at ease. This mostly just requires us to not listen to our thoughts for a moment. Maybe concentrate on our breathe. And when you feel at ease, get on with the next moment, and ask yourself again. Ask yourself this question repeatedly throughout the day. All day every day and eventually, you suddenly find you become aware, without asking any questions, that you’re ‘not’ at ease, and the moment you become aware of that, you’re right back at ease again. And in that ease, you can do just about anything you could imagine.