Cooking nightmares


This will sound like an insane rant from a rambling drunk  autistic having a nightmare.

It's see strange how  antxieties (spelling ok ?) from the day enter our dreams and turn them into nightmares. 

I am a poor cook and often buy ready made meals to microwave.

Yesterday, instead of buying a  complete meal for one. I decided to buy and cook the components separately.

In a cheap supermarket I saw cut price, cooked chicken slices and cut price sauce which included veg and spices.

I measured, washed and cooked my own rice.  (I hate the overpriced precooked packages of rice which just need microwave).

I read the chicken instructions carefully.  I'm terrified of getting food poisoning again.  It was pre cooked, cooled and packed in a vacuum.  Packaged in UK but sourced from Brazil. Why Brazil? I thought we had enough chickens here in the UK.

My anxiety levels went through the roof.  Is the meat safe am I going to get poisoning

Ate the whole meal and during the night my nightmares started.

I was shopping at two shops or was I running a shop ?  A rival had cheaper bacon because the had a cheaper source.  My shop burnt down or did it explode because of a chemical reaction in the food. Iot food from the new source, is it clean?  I don't know?  How did the shop explode/burn down? Which town was I in ?   What year is it? 

Where am I?