anxiety and sleeping advice

Does anyone have any good tried and tested ways of managing anxiety and insomnia. or any good herbal/natural remedy products that are good? sleeping is becoming a real problem and I certainly do not want to go down the sleeping/depression tablet route they cause more harm than good in my opinion.


  • Hi. I'v been there too. I used to watch netflix on my phone until I fell asleep. It kept my brain distracted away from anxious thoughts and allowed me to sleep. I also used to rock myself in bed to help me sleep. Another thing is to accept it when you can't sleep. If you get upset or angry that you can't sleep then that stops you sleeping

  • I find that focusing on the ticking of a clock helps me get to sleep. I suppose you could focus on any sound which is regular and not too loud.

    I have been told drinking warm milk just before you go to bed will help you sleep but I have never tried it as I do not like warm milk.

    Autism Speaks' report Autism and Health: A Special Report contains a section on autism and disrupted sleep. The section refers to children but you may find something of use in the text. The report can be downloaded via:

    Have you considered taking up meditation?