Daily experience of an autistic

My Universal Credit, work coach referred me  to learndirect for a week long customer care course.

Yesterday I had my interview.

A lot of form filling, name, address, phone no. Email, national insurance, next of kin phone, etc etc etc.

Q...  What is my ideal job?

What job I would refuse to do?

Any disabilities ???????

Around 10 Q about my style of learning. Multiple choice with 3 choices.

Formal face to face interview.

A Maths test. 

Place four numbers in order from lowest to highest?  

Someone spends £10 a week on travel.  How much will he spend on travel in four weeks?  Show all workings.


An English test.

Circle wrongly spelt words.

Add Capitals and full stops to a sentence.

Identify a verb in a sentence.  They even explained that a verb is an action or doing word.   

Week long course starts on Monday 29th Jan.

  • I've just got a phone call from learndirect that I've been turned down for the care roles we were being prepared for.

    I failed in the  group exercise I took part in on Tuesday.

    The feedback I received was very unfair.

    1. They claimed I didn't make a big enough contribution.
    2. They said I wasn't focused enough.
    3. I talked over people.

    So.  Back to square minus one.

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