New Forum (or something) Required

As a new member, especially one with no previous experience of chat forums, I have had quite a few questions regarding how to use the forum and what many of the features of the forum are or mean. 

I am clearly not alone in this.

Many other members have been very helpful in answering most of my questions and this is very much appreciated, but for long-standing members this repetition of pretty much the same questions every time a new member joins must (even for the most helpful people) become tiresome. 

The thread 'Comments, Improvements and Feedback' is ... ridiculous! Seriously, how many pages is a person expected to trawl through in order to find the correct space to enter a Comment, Improvement suggestion, or Feedback? The only option other than trawling through this plethora of pages for all eternity (if your internet speed is as painfully slow as mine) is to drop it randomly into this smorgasbord and hope for the best despite the fact that it might relate in no way to the comment it could end up randomly attached to!!! (PHEW!)

Why is Comments, Improvements and Feedback not an entirely separate Forum? With separate threads called "Points", "Subscribers" etc and each featuring explanations of what these things actually are, what they mean, what they're for???

Alternatively, couldn't it be a separate thing of it's own at the top of the screen, next to the options 'Sign In' etc???

As may be apparent, from any mistakes I may have made here re. terminology, I have absolutely NO computer or internet literacy or skills. I came to this forum because I want and need to find other people experiencing ASD. Exhausting as I find social interactions, I am trying so hard here on this Chat Forum to interact with people who, for the first time in my life, seem to think like me about so many things. That is quite enough to be taking on without the added stress of what feels like a crash course in computing! Please do something to make using this space easier?!?!?!?!?!   

  • Good Evening, "Endymion"... I suppose that this counts as an "old and forgotten" Thread, at Two Weeks old (!), yet as I find it again, and you are still an active User, I try this, and you may have a go at it.

    Into any Browser (mine, anyway), try this:

    ...which should take you straight to the "Advanced Search", with zero results, and it asks you to enter a search term. Use the NAS Search (a Magnifying Glass Icon) as usual, to enter whatever you want, and it should all show up. It bypasses all of that "flickering" which you mention.

    If it works for you, please Post here again. This was not easy (for me) to find out how to do, and so I wonder if anyone else knows.

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