TV and Films to suit the enquiring Autistic Mind

I chose this topic for the reason there have been some blinking good documentaries that I have enjoyed over my lifetime.  Programmes on science, history, nature, astronomy, mathematics and other topics.

Many of them show ideas where we have got it so wrong.  Some of them show predictions for the future where we got it so right.  And some of them have shown ideas where we have got it so wrong and so right at the same time!

I will kick this topic off with one of the programmes which I still think about nearly forty years after it was first aired, on ITV if I remember correctly.  It was called 'The Mighty Micro' and explored the computer in all its forms, and technology in general and how this has changed the world.  It was made at a time when we can now look back and think of what things we got right, what predictions were made correctly.  And also what predictions which were made which were so very wrong.

There are six half hour episodes.  And so very interesting it is.  I know many weren't even born at the time of this programme but watch and enjoy.  And please put your ideas down for which programmes have stayed in your mind that other autistic people might enjoy.  Note that this is not about programmes about autistic people, but about programmes to interest the obsessions of autistic people.

The Mighty Micro

Watch, enjoy and think!

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  • The 'Mars' netflix documentary style series is really good. It's like a documentary on Mars set in the present & future. There are also lots of nature documentaries, I can't remember the names but they are all really good.

    P.s. Absolutely agree about technology changing the world, quantum computing will make a huge impact and robot workforce investment by global capitalist corporation will put billion into poverty as money goes upwards with capitalism and socialism is on the decline thus it is not normal for people to give away their fortunes so relative and social poverty is increasing, even if absolute is decreasing.