Favourite music...

Post some tunes you really like.  Share them.

Here's one...

A Forest - The Cure (live)

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  • I tend to like non-mainstream music.  And it does depend on my mood, a lot of people think my music is all chosen from the album 'Songs to Commit Suicide By', but I don't see anything wrong with melancholy music.  Some music brings me to tears with its sheer beauty.

    But I will put these on for starters:

    Gates of Dawn - Secret Garden

    Dance me To the end of love - Leonard Cohen

    Cantus Firmus to Counterpoint - Amazing Blondel

    Hunting Song - Pentangle

    Temptaysion - Mediaeval Baebes

    The Amazing Blondel surprises many people - it shows how enlightened we student types were in the 1970's!  The Mediaeval Baebes I really like, I could listen to them all day.  Temptaysion is the Lords Prayer in Cornish, and I thnk it is better for that!  The Leonard Cohen song is not what it appears to be on first hearing.  It was written about the holocaust, and knowing that puts a whole new meaning on the song.  Gates of Dawn by Secret Garden is just beautiful.  Secret Garden are the best thing by far to have come from the Eurovision Song Contest.

    If I was to dive into my music tomorrow I would choose something entirely different  - but that is not to say I would have changed my mind.  Different days, different songs!