The Autistic Christian

Let me say from the start that I have a strong faith and although I’m willing to discuss it, I have not started this thread to try and evangelise anyone. Simply I’d like to discuss with other autistic Christians how they cope with church, other Christians and trying to resolve their head around everything.

  • Hi,

    I am a Christian too.  I go to a charismatic church with ultra-long sermons.  I'm trying to start an extra sermon group who meet just through the sermons, but it looks as if I might have to do it myself!  There are about 5 or 6 people who would benefit from this.  The church has around 200 people each Sunday morning.  I hate it when they tell us to sit down - they say "Take a seat"  I might respond "where to?"  I have to adjust what is said sometimes!!   

    In the meantime,

    Happy Christmas to everyone!

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