The Autistic Christian

Let me say from the start that I have a strong faith and although I’m willing to discuss it, I have not started this thread to try and evangelise anyone. Simply I’d like to discuss with other autistic Christians how they cope with church, other Christians and trying to resolve their head around everything.

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  • There are many different styles of worship, and I think some are more naturally autism friendly than others. My son, who is on the autistic spectrum, couldn't stand the noise level and the number of people milling about at ours, and there was a girl there who picked on him as well. He couldn't understand why, as a Christian, she was being so horrible, and gave up on the whole thing.  I think that if there are enough people in the congregation, (and ideally the leadership) who understand ASD that an adjustment or modification could be made, but it didn't happen here.

    Do you know of any churches where there are autism friendly sermons or meetings?