Offending people

Do you ever offend other people unintentionally, like me?

I try to live a quiet life, not bothering other people.  But other people expect me to behave in a particular way and get very upset at things that don't really concern them.  

A recent example is how I upset me sister, by not inviting her to my graduation ceremony.

Beforehand nothing was mentioned or discussed.  I never had any intention of going to the ceremony.  The idea of getting dressed up and being seen on stage by hundreds of people terrified me.  Since the ceremony was optional I turned down the invitation and the two guest tickets.

A week later I got a very distressed phone call from my sister, trying to invite herself to my ceremony.   She had assumed from the beginning that she would be invited.  

End result was that she was so upset.  I got uninvited to her family Christmas.

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  • Yeah, to the point that I don’t even want to try and work it out anymore. I’d rather just have less to do with them. Often I have no choice in that matter anyway, they stop having anything to do with me. I think I’m beyond caring. For me right now, I’m more interested in creating a life which works for me. If that upsets people, I don’t like it, but I accept it. I’m sorry you got uninvited to Christmas though. That hurts. I’m contemplating not going to my sisters. They won’t want me to talk about my special interests, they try and get me to drink alcohol with them and it’s not too much fun, but I do like to be around my family. If only I could just keep quiet! I might try. 

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