Last night's dreams

Starting a new thread on dreams.

And how they come from real life experiences and fears and future predictions if any.

Last night was very rich in dreams.

First I dreamt of two people who are deceased , my parents and another women who I fell out with a couple of years ago.

 One dream was visiting a seaside town ( don't know which one).  

Another dream I was exploring my local area and found new unexpected paths and views I've never expected to see.  This was based on reality because I am still exploring my locality and finding new ways of getting around.

A third dream I was visiting a couple of educational establishments that claimed good reputations.  and someone was saying they are awful and substandard.  This was based on the news reporting that several universities have been ordered to stop saying that they are in the top 1%, because they are clearly NOT.  And my jobsearch advisor putting me forward for a job at Macdonald's, saying that they are a very good employer.  ( I personally regard them and their food to be garbage).

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  • I don't know if all dreams relate to real life so clearly, but I think certainly some will do.  You've obviously worked out the connection to a couple of your dreams there.

    I have always had vivid dreams, often seemingly nonsensical but interesting.  I have only woken from a dream by sitting bolt upright twice.  On both occasions I dreamt of a car crash.  Within the next two days of each of the dreams someone I knew had a car crash.  In both cases no one was injured.  But I know if I ever get another dream about a car crash that wakes me in the night that something is going to happen.  Unfortunately the person who crashed in the dream didn't correlate to real life both times so I wouldn't be able to warn the person.

    I have heard that MacD is a 'good employer' because they allow a lot of flexibility in the shift times.  However, I have to agree with you that their food is garbage.  I'm not sure I could cope with being in there too long because of the smell of it.  Although I know a few people like their coffee since they changed it.