Kind of venting

I apologise, I am having a meltdown and I needed to say this where people might understand.

Every month as part of my job I write a performance update report. The first section is numbers (financial information). I have to circulate for comment from colleagues and one manager likes to fiddle with the numbers. Usually I can figure out why as due to rounding of numbers there is sometimes a £1 error in the total. This month she just changed a whole bunch of numbers and some of the changes make no sense. She left no explanation and the change is wrong. That doesn't really matter. She changed the numbers for no reason. I just, I cannot even think straight now because of it. I'd raise it with my line manager, but she is my line manager. I would rather she just walk in the office and punch me. She just does not get it. Seems so silly and yet, change two numbers for no reason I am drafting my resignation.

Anyway thanks I feel a bit better now.

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  • she does it to be seen to do something. Just ignore it. That's a life skill you need to learn for work. See her as a hen scratching or something. Tie knots with your hands in your pockets or something.

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