Borderline Autism Diagnosis?

Our 15 year old son has recently been diagnosed with borderline autism. We have not seen his report as yet. The only reason apparently he was not fully diagnosed is because he wants to be sociable and we were told this is not a trait of autism, but he ticks the boxes on nearly all other symptoms. When he does try to make friends he gets ostracised, told he is weird and bullied. Over the years we have had to overcome many issues with school and social activities due to his behaviour. Looking back he seems to have many autistic traits, including late talking, fussy baby, refusing close contact, tantrums, trouble interacting with other children. Most primary school teachers speaking to us concerning his interruptions towards the teacher during lessons etc.......

Can I have anybodies thoughts please. We feel we are getting nowhere.

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  • Just read this post, exactly the same problems as me with my 15 year old boy.

    borderline autism doesn't seem to have any help what so ever - struggled for years with school etc. No social skills at all but as work is good they seem not to care! Let me know if you find any help xx I worry how they will get on at uni or work?!