Unusual Phobias

I wanted to share a couple of unusual phobias I have. I suppose I should start by recognising that they may not actually be phobias. I'm using phobias for lack of a better word to describe them. The definition of phobia is an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. While my responses to these things are extreme (by some people's standards), they could be viewed as rational inasmuch as they stem directly from traumatic experiences. If anyone has a better word to describe them, please let me know.

I don't know if it's because of autism that I have these aversions, or because of mental damage that's been caused by past traumas.

The first is people with gaps in their front teeth. Now,  many people have gaps in their teeth, but this is quite a specific gap. It's called a diastema and it occurs when the upper lateral incisors are missing, and a gap develops between the two front teeth.

I can't interact with people with a diastema. I know it's because of someone from my past, but it has now taken on a whole dimension for me where I mistrust (and fear) people with this characteristic. I instantly associate these people being extremely selfish, power-hungry, and/or immoral.

The second one is to do with wearing glasses. Anyone who wears glasses like these...

...makes me think they are evil, sick or perverted in some way. In some instances, it is true.

This guy has both!

Am I crazy? Does anyone else have specific or unusual phobias? 

  • I only have two things I actively dislike, and neither are very strange. I have a fear of heights, which isn't bad enough to be called a phobia (I can still abseil, but can't climb up first in order to do so! Lol!). I can't walk on piers if there are gaps in the boards, I can't walk over high bridges unless I can hold the rail, that sort of thing. The other thing IS a phobia though; emetophobia. And I can't even explain what that is without having to use one of the words I can't cope with saying, hearing, seeing or typing (it's in another post on this thread and I'm still reeling). So if you don't know, Google it! Lol! I rarely watch TV and when I do I'm ready to put fingers in ears and shut my eyes until told it's safe to open them again, because even seeing it acted out is too much.

  • Just googled. My mate has this. 

    I won't mention the word, but what is giving me yet another comforting 'wow, I'm not the only one' moment is that the word bothers you. Words are massive with my medical phobias. There are certain parts of the body, which are huge triggers for me.

    With respect to the vile, round clothing fastenings I dislike the word almost as much as the object, especially if pronounced with a standard English /t/ phoneme as opposed to a glottal stop.

    Oh wow! The more I use this forum, the less of a freak I feel, lol.

  • Words are massive with my medical phobias. There are certain parts of the body, which are huge triggers for me.

    Yes - me too

    Spent a few hours in hospital yesterday for a scan - but they were running a bit late but the needle people were on time so there was a lot of mucking around with getting things ready.

    The last time the driver pump sounded like it was injecting air bubbles - total freak out/melt-down.

    I stimmed for so long yesterday that I was totally knackered   My jiggling legs make me feel like I've run a marathon - over an hour constantly going and also pulling my hair, my arm feels like lead.

    Going to be a slow day today - just can't get it together.

  • Bless you. It's awful. I just wish sometimes there was an off switch for all this.  Flick a switch and be aware of nothing.  Flick it back on once safely home.  Hope you feel better tomorrow.

  • Thanks - I'm just soooooo tired.        I think it's back to bed time...  Smiley

  • Chin Up, Lad! You've got jobs to do! 

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