Unusual Phobias

I wanted to share a couple of unusual phobias I have. I suppose I should start by recognising that they may not actually be phobias. I'm using phobias for lack of a better word to describe them. The definition of phobia is an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. While my responses to these things are extreme (by some people's standards), they could be viewed as rational inasmuch as they stem directly from traumatic experiences. If anyone has a better word to describe them, please let me know.

I don't know if it's because of autism that I have these aversions, or because of mental damage that's been caused by past traumas.

The first is people with gaps in their front teeth. Now,  many people have gaps in their teeth, but this is quite a specific gap. It's called a diastema and it occurs when the upper lateral incisors are missing, and a gap develops between the two front teeth.

I can't interact with people with a diastema. I know it's because of someone from my past, but it has now taken on a whole dimension for me where I mistrust (and fear) people with this characteristic. I instantly associate these people being extremely selfish, power-hungry, and/or immoral.

The second one is to do with wearing glasses. Anyone who wears glasses like these...

...makes me think they are evil, sick or perverted in some way. In some instances, it is true.

This guy has both!

Am I crazy? Does anyone else have specific or unusual phobias? 

  • Aside from my medical ones I've probably bored you all enough with... and dogs...

    Koumpounophobia : A phobia of buttons -Ugggg! I don't even like the word! I certainly won't post a picture, lol.  I don't get a fear response, just an extreme sense of revulsion.  I WILL NOT wear clothes with them on.  Hence I make a lot of my own.  Since other people are at liberty to wear whatever they like, quite rightly, I've had to sort of train myself not to look when other people are wearing them. 

    It's worse if they are a contrast colour to the fabric.  White on black is the absolute worst.  Red ones are particularly vile. Or, if they serve no function - redundant ones on cardigan sleeves - yuck!.  In these cases, I can manage to be perfectly polite to the wearer all day but could not sit opposite them at lunch.  I'd feel too sick to eat.

    There does not seem to be any adverse event behind this to provoke such a reaction.  Weird, huh? Perhaps it's another one of my many sensory problems, sight this time maybe?? Dunno!

  • My unusual phobia is seeing people brush their teeth I cannot stand it its the most disgusting things someone can do infront me 

  • I don't like to see fabrics or fibers, especially not wool, next to anybody's teeth - oh, it's like the sound finger nails down a black board.  Kids at school used to take their mittens off by griping them in their mouths ....ewwww

  • I don't like that either. It's not something I'd actively encourage!

  • I'm just happy to know I'm not alone in my phobias!

  • There's a bit of a tooth theme emerging here... interesting.

  • Haha there is teeth are weird... Like exposed bone in your face that everyone can see... weird lol

  • Nah, far from it.  I think most people generally have one or two little things they can deal with by just avoiding. However, unusual or very acute and problematic phobias are apparently way more common with ASC than in the general population.

  • Now that you put it like that...double yuck, lol

  • How are you with frontal gaps in teeth?