Recently diagnosed


I have recently been diagnosed with Aspergers. I am 42, married with 2 young children. 

For a long time I have always felt that there has been something wrong, my reactions to people and society in general has always been a little off. I have no compassion whatsoever for people I don’t know and have never understood people who have. 

From being a child I have suffered with Tourette like tics and twitches but in the early 80s when my tics we’re at their worst, nobody really had interest in autism and it’s associated affects. 

Throughout school and university I was an overachiever, gaining the highest grades possible. Once into a working life, I flitted from job to job because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and always thought that I was a bit of an outsider. 

Now that I am older and there is more information available about autism I decided to speak to someone and find out if what I believed to be true was true or it was just me. I perfectly fitted the profile of someone with Aspergers and looking back I realise that this is why I have said and done things and have ended up in social situations. 

Now i don’t know how to react to the diagnosis or who to talk to about it.