Newly-Diagnosed and Feel Adrift

Hello - I am Penrose76 and a newly-graduated mature student.  After years of personal speculation and self diagnosis, I have now undertaken official tests. The results are in and I definitely have Asperger's Syndrome. Even though I suspected and self dx, I wanted conclusive proof,rather than theoretic. 

I have to let it sink in, as women with AS can be difficult to spot and indeed I believed that I was perhaps NT with Asperger traits (if there is such a thing). To be told today that I 'definitely' have AS has left me with mixed feelings.  A week on and I think I am adjusting from the 'Suspected Self-DX' to the 'Confirmed AS DX' but feel a bit adrift.  I just want to talk to someone about it, because even though I have got the confirmation, I do feel that I have just been left 'to get on with it.'

So - I have joined up here and am hoping t get more personal insight by people who have ASD rather than just professionals.  Would love to hear people's stories and look forward to hearing from you.