Mum to my recently diagnosed son

Hello everyone, 

I am 39 and have a gorgeous 3 year old boy who got his diagnoses two weeks ago for ASD. He is very sensory and can seek and get over stimulated at the same time. He is none verbal and has a special interest in Winnie the Pooh. I am learning with him on this journey and really just want to put myself out there in the hope that there maybe others near who would like to connect with me. I don't really know anyone in the area I live. I moved to be near my late husbands family. Doing this alone and having a child who struggles to shut down at night, has been at times overwhelming as I fight to stay awake with him. But I love everything about my boy. If I changed him he wouldn't be the boy he is. But I do want to help support him to grow and develop to the best of his abilities. I feel I need help to do that. So here I am saying hi and hoping someone may say hi back