7 year old with ASD, great social skills but no social boundaries help please!

Hi all! We have been advised that our almost 7 year old has come out "above the threshold for ASD" and has recently had a play assessment for which we are awaiting feedback. The reason we have got this far is due to constant problems at school as well as home and extra curricular groups. He causes low level disruption ALL the time when his brain is not actively engaged in a task. Durng a task he is then hard to coax away and move on to something else. I am so confused as although we are positive something is not quite right he is such a sociable boy. He is very charismatic and likes to be center of attention all the time. He doesnt have any close friends and doesn't understand boundaries which makes him socially awkward. He likes to touch people and often says things that are inappropriate. He doesn't show remorse and only shows concern if something reallt quite bad happens, he also doesnt apologise and honestly doesnt seem to understand why he ever should. He is very bright and it often seems as though his brain is not tired, if that makes sense! Is there anyone else out there with children of similar characteristics? Would be great to speak to others that can offer any advice. 

Many Thanks, a concerned and loving Mummy x

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