Newly diagnosed adult female Newcastle 38 years old


I was diagnosed yesterday. Today I have been thinking about things that have happened to me or that I have done in the new knowledge of my diagnosis. It's very odd. I was surprised to be diagnosed. I asked if I was borderline but they looked horrified and said that I was 100%, no doubt classic autism. 

I'd like to say hello to people on here. Hello.

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  • Procrastinator who suggested that you got diagnosed? I chose to myself even though I had been pretty sure for the last ten years that I was autistic.

    Your experience of social events is exactly the same as mine. For the last year I have limited them to two hours as I can't stand any more. I don't have people in my house as I can't control when they leave. Stupid things stress me out too but I am slowly getting my head around accepting this. My Husband accepted this year's ago and I am trying to too. Sometimes I get the wrong train home (the train I get every day twice a day) and get lost and cry. My Husband long ago accepted that he comes to collect me or stays on the phone and gives me clear directions home. When people query my diagnosis I think about this and laugh inside. People I work with would be shocked if they knew what my life is like away from work. 

    I've only been officially diagnosed a few weeks but I am boundary setting every day. It's a great feeling to tell people what I will and won't accept/do. If only I could have done this 39 years ago! Maybe I could have lived the life I wanted, one I could be proud of. I wish you luck with your journey and I hope you receive everything you want in your life xx