Newly diagnosed adult female Newcastle 38 years old


I was diagnosed yesterday. Today I have been thinking about things that have happened to me or that I have done in the new knowledge of my diagnosis. It's very odd. I was surprised to be diagnosed. I asked if I was borderline but they looked horrified and said that I was 100%, no doubt classic autism. 

I'd like to say hello to people on here. Hello.

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  • Hello, welcome to the forum,

    You are not alone in finding your diagnosis surprising!  I was diagnosed only a few weeks ago (45 years old) - and like you was quite stunned to find that I am way, way over the "borderline" (Asperger's and alexithymia in my case).

    Already, the wisdom and advice of other here who also made their big discovery relatively late in life has helped me enormously as I "review" my life in light of diagnosis.  I hope you find the same.

    Best wishes. 

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