Newly diagnosed adult female Newcastle 38 years old


I was diagnosed yesterday. Today I have been thinking about things that have happened to me or that I have done in the new knowledge of my diagnosis. It's very odd. I was surprised to be diagnosed. I asked if I was borderline but they looked horrified and said that I was 100%, no doubt classic autism. 

I'd like to say hello to people on here. Hello.

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    sort of my story too when I was diagnosed last year when I was 45. I am 47 now.  I tried to ask at a later session whether I was like fully or severe ... and was told that misleading because am 100% in itself.  Mine is 2/3'ds autism with PDD-NOS. The book says not a helpful diagnosis. But I say it is because it allowed me the help. With their agreement I can just say Autism and people understand that there are times I need extra help with things. I have my own style meltdowns at times.  I too looked back at life and wondered how things gone wrong and now got some answers.  Things has vastly improved for me since the diagnosis. Yes I still get angry and upset but people around me know and take time out to help me rather than glare at me for walking off. I can't always help myself but when it like that people try to help me without being judgemental. 

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