Daughter of nearly 4 just been dianosed Autistic

Hi, im new to this site, my daughter of nearly 4 has just been diagnosed with autism, Im feeling confused, & lost, what happens now, will she & i now get support?

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  • Hi my son was diagnoised at 4 . You have to push for the things that will help her if she is not good with people or other children don't put her in a main stream school she will get lost in the system but a special school that caters for the autistic not staying their off cause so don't panic but you also need to put in for carers allowance and  DLA also inform tax credits that she has been diagnoised.  I know you probley feel that your alone but your not my son is 20 and still has not left my side he can't go to town no concept off days weeks months and if you got to be some where in time that's it hates to be late and food is difficult as he has a limited diet  but all I can say is that where here for surport 

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