Other half recently diagnoised with aspergers

By partner has recently been diagnoised with apergers and in many ways we are both struggling. Any help or advice would be welcomed. 

  • simple direct communication and listening, work together, let your partner with aspergers take the point, you direct gently and lovingly.

  • Is there any where you could suggest we find better information about aspergers from a person? He doesnt understand things through reading and i dont really know alot about it so i can support but knowledge only goes so far.

  • Hi, Since you already have a relationship I guess you've got through most of the hurdles anyway because that is the hardest thing for someone with aspergers to 'get'.

    I work with adults with aspergers and some ASD in the family and the most simple rule is 'If this happened to you, how would you feel'.

    Also get him to read up on ' fuzzy logic' (google it).

  • It will be hard but you will be okay. My partner was an absolute rock after I was diagnosed with aspergers. The best thing he did for me is just listening. I had so much to get off my chest those first months, I was learning so much about myself that I wanted to share and explore and having someone to talk openly with was amazing. So my advice is, communicate. Say what's on your mind, encourage your partner to do the same, discuss things that you are finding hard and be each other's sounding board. And it's not just your partner who's going through a hard time. You are too and that's okay. Relationships are a two-way thing. It's okay to need your partner's support right now as much as they need you.