Hi everyone


Just wanted to say hi, am 36 years old and still awaiting for assessment of autism/Asperger's in my area. Would like to find out a few things but unsure how to go about to find what I am looking for.


  • Welcome aboard! ;-) Just give us a few clues about roughly what concerns you. We're all different, but there is nearly always someone around here who will recognise something similar in their own life. There are a lot of posters here of your age, older and younger, who will almost certainly soon get the ball rolling. The moderators will also occasionally pitch in with NAS services and resources; but usually posters will come up with something appropriate, friendly and helpful before that happens.

  • Well it concerns about how to make friends and relationships and how to keep it, as I need serious help with it (as would like to have friends true honest ones and find the soulmate in the relationship), found out on FB that in America they do courses in this kinda thing but can't find this kinda thing in UK

  • cheapest way is to buy a copy of a famous book called "how to win friends and influence peole" it tells you how to do it I picked up some tips from it when I was young.    

    abebooks 2.99 read it in mean time

    welcome to this forum, hang about and practise interacting with people. Practise is important and if you make mistakes just say sorry. Saying sorry is an important part of maintaining a friendship,


  • Thanks I will look into that Relaxed

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