Hi everyone


Just wanted to say hi, am 36 years old and still awaiting for assessment of autism/Asperger's in my area. Would like to find out a few things but unsure how to go about to find what I am looking for.


  • Welcome aboard! ;-) Just give us a few clues about roughly what concerns you. We're all different, but there is nearly always someone around here who will recognise something similar in their own life. There are a lot of posters here of your age, older and younger, who will almost certainly soon get the ball rolling. The moderators will also occasionally pitch in with NAS services and resources; but usually posters will come up with something appropriate, friendly and helpful before that happens.

  • Well it concerns about how to make friends and relationships and how to keep it, as I need serious help with it (as would like to have friends true honest ones and find the soulmate in the relationship), found out on FB that in America they do courses in this kinda thing but can't find this kinda thing in UK

  • cheapest way is to buy a copy of a famous book called "how to win friends and influence peole" it tells you how to do it I picked up some tips from it when I was young.    

    abebooks 2.99 read it in mean time

    welcome to this forum, hang about and practise interacting with people. Practise is important and if you make mistakes just say sorry. Saying sorry is an important part of maintaining a friendship,


  • My guess is that they probably do have such FB pages for the UK, but as a person who hugely distrusts almost all things FB, I can only say that I would exercise extreme caution with them. I've recently abandoned FB for the umpteenth time. i find it remarkably facile.

    Hopefully, your eventual assessment report will include some mention of local support groups. Now, I live abroad, but yesterday evening I attended an online discussion. (In my case, it would be more about friendship/dialogue, as I have a long-term relationship.) But I got the strong impression that the other participants were people I could relate to, with some remarkably similar experiences; and the ability to transcend their experience. And that was largely organised using this site and other reputable autism-specific sites.

    I would suggest, even before you get the report, that you do an online search for autism support groups and resources in areas of your own choice.

    Posters here frequently name their approximate location, and receive replies regarding services in that area. I would suggest you also give us some rough idea where you are based. It seems that more lockdowns are on the way, and a few online acquaintances might begin to ease the isolation of that. Don't be concerned that you still don't have your assessment report. I doubt any result will detract from your immediate need for appropriate and helpful company. Regardless of what the report eventually says, you should begin to find a few leads here. Something for everyone here!

  • yes if you are sensitive at all keep your exposure to FB small . Twitter is really nasty do not go there unless you stay on one or two locations only. Whatsapp and tiktok I have never used.

  • put "How to influence people and make friends"  ( or parts of this text ) into a Youtube search. There appears to be many videos ( free training ) on this subject there. Autistics use Youtube quite a bit.

  • Only issue is that I am also deaf and well YouTube decided to remove subtitles on thier videos Frowning2

  • ok that blows that out of the water. 

    here are some basic rules this took seconds to find online

    Six ways to make people like you
    1. Become genuinely interested in other people.
    2. Smile.
    3. Remember that a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.
    4. Be a good listener. ...
    5. Talk in terms of the other person's interests.
    6. Make the other person feel important – and do it sincerely.