Awaiting a diagnosis for 3 year old

Hi there, 

I am awaiting a diagnosis for my 3 year old Son, which has been delayed with the current pandemic, I was wondering how other parent's/carer's are coping during this difficult time....

My son is struggling with loud noises - apart from ear defenders does anyone have any advice for us to support him?

I feel there isn't enough support for families, we feel quite isolated and not sure what support is available before a diagnosis, we have been waiting over a year now ~  I just want answers and know how to best support our child and to help him progress with his development.

I have been researching places to take my Son but the majority of places state you need to be on the autism spectrum or my Son is too young for the social facilities plus we are all social distancing so this makes the social scene even harder to access......

Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated :) 

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  • Hi ,

    I'm sorry to hear that you've been struggling with the lack of support during this difficult time. 

    You may find this information from the NAS website useful. It includes resources…

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