how legal justice deal with autism

just want to know how does legal justice deal with someone with autism. say someone with autism had commited a crime because they were very traumatised and depressed. will they still get send to prison or will there be other treatment for them?

Parents Reply

  • i dont understand, well i'm telling you, i am autistic, about this quote " this way of doing things is a natural order of society that everybody must live with and must follow as a essential routine." i do not have to follow the age appropriate and social norm as these are rubbish. why does an autistic person need a mainstream rubbish to slave me to do something that are hurting my world. well the law should only focus on keeping people safe and interacting with children are safe. i am not hurting them, they are fine with that. people who concern about me because of my age, they are just a coward. autistic people should not be slaved to follow age apropriate and social norm. if the mainstream want to slave people with age appriate and social norm, put it on the normal people, not us autistic people. stupid mainstream. don't know why autistic adult cant be interacting with other children just because of their age. so agist.