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hi everyone,

I am very concern the way i am being treated by my specialist as I felt they are forcing to adapt the normal enviroment and i am very traumatizing. I had been hurting myself alot these night with lots of bruises and cant sleep due to the depression.

my specialist had been forcing me to put down my special interest in disney characters, fairy tale and costumed characters and adapt the mainstream enviroment. they even force me to interact with someone I don't like (my peers). My peers loves things like sport and watching television whcih i don't like. 

In my world, i like playing with the children and we play together around my area with toys and dolls. the reason i like interacting with the children because they share interest like me. but my specialist is forcing me not to hang out with them because of age difference eventhought no one mind about it. their parent don't bother about this and no one care about this. but they still force me not to hang out with someone who shares interest like me while interact with someone don't have interest like me. they are doing this to me because of my age and i feel like they are bullying me. 

i am very traumatized but no adult are listening to me as they all are on my specialist side just because this lady is a therapist. if i talk to my parent about it, they will punnish me for not being greatful to my specialist. I have no one on my side. I need help.

I am being forced to adapting an enviroment that i don't like. I am very very traumatized.

Does anyone here is on myside and think it's okay of what i like to be doing as i need help.

reminder i am someone at my very late teen.

  • Hi Adrien. Sorry to hear about how your feeling right now. I would say as long as the parents of the younger children are fine with it then it's not anyone else's business. I do understand that these days people may worry for your safety (accusations) and others in regards to age differences. It would be awful for things to be perceived in a way that isnt correct. I dont have Autism my son does and hes 10. I can tell you he prefers the company of his 7 year old bro and his friends than that of kids his own age. His peers are bored of the things he's still very much interested in. It's so hard for you guys I really feel for you when making sense of this world. I cant make sense of this world and I dont have Autism. I recently recieved a post about blue buckets for halloween. It said I may look older but I have autism and still enjoy halloween basically.  I'm thinking you enjoy things that other people perceive to be too young for you but like the blue bucket raises awareness for halloween it should raise awareness all year round??? People need to be more educated and accepting of Autism. Are your parents supportive. If so maybe talk to them about how you feel? 

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