autism around the world

Which country is the best support for autism? i just want to wonder. 

i am an autistic boy from ireland and my parent are originally from hongkong. so i was born in dublin. in ireland, the support for autism are community based. so there are no straight support just for autism and related condition in ireland. so it depends on the difficulty. say those who has mental health problem such an anxiety or depression, they go to the mental health clinic, if they have family problem, then they go to a family support , if they have learning difficulty, they go to get extra learning support in school , if they are severely autistic and cant look after themself and they had turned 18, they go to a day centre service or if they are severely autistic and are under 18, they go to a special school or if they are under 6 years old, they go to early intervention therapy etc. so it depends on the individual needs. and when you are over 18 in ireland, the support will get less. 

but in hong kong, the support are very very worst. they don't have support for autism for over 6 years old. if you are under 6, you only have an early intervention therapy but therapy there, they try to make you not to look too different as in chinese community, most people don't accpet or respect difference and that's their culture. but if you are severely autistic and over age 6, you go to a special school and then over 18 years old, they just go to the special need day centre and lives in a residential home. day centre or residential home there are not like home, like a social centre. there are only 3 nurse look after nearly 30 people in the day centre there. if you are high function, you just have to live like other people in the mainstream society and in the mainstream society, people dont accept differences.

so I wonder what is the support like in britain?

  • Hi NAS63268,

    If you are interested in learning about the way ASD is treated in the UK, probably the best place to go is the NHS website - or the front of the NAS site and look through the topics that interest you -

    Hope this will answer some of your questions.

    Best wishes,

    Ross - mod

  • Sorry. I made an honest reply, and NAS blocked me. 

  • I will try again. Might have to be brief. In my experience in England there is plenty of support for parents who cannot cope with their ‘difficult’ children. Not convinced any of the interventions etc actually help the children. 

    There is almost no support for adults on the spectrum here. We are the classic heart sink patients that nobody want to have anything to do with. 

    We are so low in rank in society that it’s almost impossible to be heard.

    We are not even seen as a valuable resource to help younger people.

    We help each other. Just not here. This is a public fishbowl.