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My name is Adrian. {edited by Heather - moderator to remove personal details}. I was diagnosed with autism (pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified) at the age of 3. part of my autism, i have lots of anxiety disorder, OCD, repetitive behaviour, social integration deficit and delay development. my special interest are Disney characters, costumed characters and anything in the 19th century especially the fairy tale or folklore culture part. I lives in Dublin, Ireland and was born in Dublin. My parent are originally from Hong Kong.In my spare time, I play with Disney figurines, draw picture and listening to classical music and sometime when it's sunny outside of my neighbourhood, i go out and play with friends. most of my friends are young children as i don't like getting on with my peers as my peers are very complicated. my peers world are completely boring to me. part of my autism, i loves playing figurine and imaginary games and most kids loves these things so that's why I can get on well with the children. Well I also can get on well with other who also has autism and their world are similar to my world or myself. My happiest time in my life is going to Disneyland and play with the costumed characters there as I love the feel of the costume characters, like petting a real teddy. So I go there every twice a year. 

I have joined here to be part of the membership and hope to have a pen pal who also has autism and is similar to my world.

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