Hi, have no clue what to do now?

Hi all

Well after 7 years of trying to get my son diagnosed we finally got it done on Friday. He was diagnosed with Autism, right side of the medium spectrum. The Doctor told me to register on this site and I have but I have no clue as to what to do next.

I am relived in his result because finally people heard and listen to my concerns, but I also feel guilty of being right. He is currently in year 5 of main stream school, and I am worrying about when he has to make the secondary schools choices in September.  To be honest I have no idea or what to do next any advice would be welcomed.


  • Hi

    It is v duanting. The first thing l have done is a

    Educational Health Care Plan.

    Also joining a carers group or organising one 

    Iv found talking to parents of our children who are older very beneficial.

    Every child is different and your son's needs as he reached secondary school age will be unique to him

    I think a lot of people on here read Tony Attwood books on ASD and aspergers. 

    You can also call the helpline. Hope that helps