I'm (a) the Dutchman,

Hello, I thought it was time for me to search outside the borders of my own country and this is the first place I found. Its obliviously I would have some struggles in the language translation, so don't expect me to be full functional autistic concerning my choice of words.  

I'm not sure what to expect or even what I am searching for, maybe its just a matter of wanting something new in conversations with other people. Maybe it is testing myself and a form of a new kind reflecting for me how to act within the social rules. Do I have a lot of questions? ...... probably not, in the upcoming weeks I will have treatment for handeling with Autism and PTSS. And I think this could be a nice place to write about my experience and how in the Netherland specialist are dealing with Autism help. 

My kind of autism is in the old rules: High-Functional classic Autism. It means I have the typical movement when I'm under pressure and a very strong preoccupation (in my case music video's). Beside the Autism I have epileptic seizures, a bit of psoriasis and some mental problems like PTSS. I hit the kind of jackpot is my meaning, but i am not regretful for all of this and can handel my buisnes (able to have a decent live). 

My biggest problem on this moment is the poor handeling of stress, its the ongoing stream of information that I can poorly handle. Because of the lack of the right tools to handle with this I'm a bit of a alcoholic on the moment. After several days I need to relax and downing my though so I can sleep and have some kind of loading time (charging my energie for competing live) so it wil be one of the things that my therapist will discuss. 

Well, my first post and introduction is a fact.


Kind regards, The Dutchman.