Hi all.

Hi all,

I've just joined the forum and wanted to say hi and let you know a bit about me.

I'm Sean, 38 from near Bournemouth - big football fan and enjoy playing on my PlayStation. I’ve yet to really grow up!

more important than any of this though is my daughter. She’s 4, starting school in September and was diagnosed autistic about 6-9 months ago. She really is our ray of sunshine. Very funny little girl, has the best laugh and is very much a daddy’s girl. Particularly when she wants something! She has speech delay and while we couldn’t count her words, she does lack conversational skills. One of the biggest issues we have is worrying about her safety as she doesn’t listen or take commands very well unless there’s something to pull her concentration in that she’s interested in or something like a sweet as a reward. We’re currently on holiday with friends who have two girls who have no issues and this has really highlighted our little girls issues. The hotel were in is extremely family friendly and very much geared towards younger kids, but it’s busy, quite loud and there’s always something going on. This is just too much for her so she has found a routine of running to a spot, playing a game, running back to the table having dropped her hat at the same point. This will go on for as long as she can have it. Whilst I’m happy she’s happy, it would be amazing to be able to sit as a family and enjoy the entertainment. But that’s not the life we lead right now!

She’s due to start school in September and we’re very worried about her starting. She doesn’t sit if she doesn’t want to, meal times are completely at her pace and timing (no matter what we do, very hit and miss) and she does like to hit if children get into her space and she can’t get away.

She’s come a long way to be fair, but she does leap then fall back before leaping forward again which is a mixture of very tough and very rewarding.