Swedish student writing his thesis about people on the autism spectrum and their use of new media!

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  • Came in on the first wave of 'new media'.  Had the internet 20 years ago.  In that time, I've had accounts on MySpace, Facebook (2), Instagram and Twitter and been very active on all of them.  I don't use a single one now.  I wouldn't on principle, even if they were useful to me in some way.  Which they'd long since ceased to be when I gave them up.  I no longer even use a smart phone.

    Only come here now.

    Never Google your name!  Paranoia runs deeps...

  • If you google my name - my pics come up controlled by me and no one else. I put them there to make money. Of course - it’s not even me, it’s the Masked me. 

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  • Same with me and my memes!

  • Will most certainly do!

    And the reason for posting those memes is purely to take advantage of the current system and make money, like everyone else? There's no idea of social activism behind your postings? (Haven't seen them yet, so is just curious right now). Like you have message with your posts, somethings you want to say to the world/nt's/friends?

    Happy friday to you!

    / Björn

  • You won't find them. Anonymous . You'll have to guess!  One of them appeared on TV news once, which was unnerving!  All political.  None for any financial gain . I just put the stuff out there, like Banksy! 

  • Yep - cash flow for me. I have two online persona and one is - to pass on knowledge of Manna (Satori in surf) info as a job and the other is as an 'Artist' 

    No facebook and no personal stuff ever posted except on here - which does worry me a lot but out of desperation, im here as a certified freak. 

  • I see (= 

    Banksy - one of my favourites. 

    Being anonymous is crucial for you, I guess. Would you like to elaborate as to why that is? Bad experiences? General fear of being a part of a system that monitors you?

    All the best,


  • A bit of each.  Plus, I just like to be anonymous.  If I ever became famous, I'd have to go into hiding.

    The way I see it is this...

    If the government announced one day that everyone in the country would henceforth be compelled by law to wear a device which not only allowed the authorities to know precisely whereabouts the wearer was at any given time, but also gave them access to each person's private details - personal contacts, financial status, interests, habits, family members, friends, medical history, food preferences, alcohol consumption, political affiliations, religious beliefs, etc - there would be a national outcry about invasion of privacy, breach of human rights, 'surveillance state', and so on.

    But what is a smart phone if not that device?  And the irony?  People love having them.  And they're even willing to pay high prices for the privilege!

    Classic, eh?  Dressing up a social monitoring and surveillance tool as a desirable consumer product and lifestyle choice.

    One of my memes...

  • You make a good point. Of course, some young people are savvy into how this monitoring is going on and so are becoming averse to doing ANYTHING controversial such as getting drunk, having a sexual relationship etc., because what if it comes up on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook... that in itself is worrying, in terms of how mentally messed up people may be becoming thanks to this technology.

  • Check out this documentary if you haven't already...