Undergoing diagnosis for ASD

Hi Everyone,

I'm Jade and i'm currently undergoing an autistic spectrum diagnosis, i currently have ADHD and dyspraxia too. I find it very difficult to make friends, i really struggle to maintain friendships and get really depressed and angry when i see other people happy doing things that i should be able to do. 

I have many interests, I feel like people get bored of me but i'm not sure if they do or why they do.

Does anyone else experience this or am i alone? 

Thank you,


  • Yes Jade, it's just you. In fact, I am already bored of you. Bye.

    Although.... now I think about it.... it's not at all uncommon. I often ask my OH if she's bored with my current one-sided conversation and she'll either say yes or no - I don't take offence if she is bored because I know it happens.

    I get more amused than annoyed when others are clearly bored - real friends can be bored and still like you. We are harder to be friends with so the ones that stick around are worth it and can be life long.

    A high percentage of people on the spectrum have a super power, and others are unhappy that they don't have that power. 

  • Hi Jade,

    I feel just like you. I'm still waiting for ASD diagnosis, but at this point, I'm already sure I'm somewhere in the spectrum.

    I have always found difficult making and keeping friends. Actually, who keeps the friendship are my friends because I'm unable to contact them, just don't know what to say.

    At this point of my life, I realised that I'm not evil or mad or boring...I'm a good, kind person, funny sometimes, with lots of interests as you, I just don't have natural social abilities. I try to remember this as a mantra every time I feel sad, I hope it helps you as well.