Hi All :)

I'm Ash, 

Currently, live in Shropshire but originally from Staffordshire. Despite being diagnosed as a child (i'm 31 now) I recently made the brave step of telling the world about my autism diagnosis, including my employer. 

It was an interesting experience, after spending most of my life trying to mask it, it felt very liberating telling the world. 

Some people guessed it already, others it took them by shock. I think i chose to hide it because of the way it was handled by my mother, she almost tried to punish me for being autistic. So i tried to be as "normal" as i could be, often ending up having melt downs at home in private. 

I sought peer support, which I've found so helpful, I finally met others on the spectrum who I felt so able to connect with. 

I realised as well being so high functioning (I work full time etc) that I could help those who aren't. 

It's been an interesting emotional rollercoaster ride since telling people finally

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