Hi Folks

Just signed up... Saying hello. 

  • Thanks for the fast response... Love your user name by the way. :) 

  • Ssshh...you’ll blow my cover.

    Weclome aboard by the way. There are lots of lovely people here on the forum. I joined about 18 months ago and it’s all been very supportive and positive.

    What made you sign up? If you don’t mind me asking? 

  • I was googling and I saw a post by that I had to reply to. Regarding confusion after diagnoses.

    I’ve been active in various forums over the years and run my own too. 

    The ASD forums I’ve been on before seem aimed at kids mostly or others are too cumbersome. Like wrong planet - always seems to be slow and clunky. 

  • This forum seems full of like minded folk - diagnosed late and left behind by society - so they’ve had to figure reality out on their own?

  • .....maybe not quite...

    ...I’d like to think in some instances we left them behind :) 

    but very much working with life’s puzzle pieces and these guys here are great for helping if you need to bounce ideas and thoughts.

  • When I say left behind - I mean stuff like being put in lowest groups for maths and English etc. 

    I now know that my mind could’ve been years ahead of the peers in my classes for various subjects. 

    I knew - when I was 15/16 I was being robbed of proper education, simply because of my supposed awkward attitude etc.. See?

    Im actually very very fortunate indeed. But - it’s all down to my own learning. Aka daydreaming at least that’s what I was accused of. 

    Now I can focus my mind to an extent that virtually no teacher could ever!

    funny enough - I’m a teacher now. Who made my own school my own way in my own house. 

  • I love that ~ we left them behind! And we did, if we’re honest! ;) 

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