Hi, I am new on here with a 21 year old autistic son, live in Leicestershire

Hello All

My son has been recently diagnosed with aspergers/autism he has had dyspraxia since 4 years old.

We get very little help, he has done volunteer work but sadly all he wants is a job. We are having another attempt at getting him into college,

he is getting very low-could i ask if anyone knows any clubs, or holiday venues or any ideas of help please?

Thanks :)

  • Hi,

    Depending on what part of Leicestershire you are in, this support group in Loughborough may be of interest to your son?


    They meet once a month on a Monday evening. I went the once but found the travelling was too much from Staffordshire. The website hasn't been update for a while so I'd suggest ringing them first to check dates etc. Parents, partners, family members etc are also welcome to attend.

    Hope that helps!

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